Our Story

The story begins one late summers evening, a group of friends were walking past hedges of damson and blackthorn which were heavy with deep purple fruit and blackberries and elderberries were ripening in the sunlight. It had been a good year and the bumper harvest was testimony to that. One of the young lads, by the name of Fred, said to the rest of the group “this is incredible, people are unemployed and starving yet here there is food falling to the ground”. Some were rotten and some were over ripe, but most were just right. The group picked more than they could carry and plenty was left for the birds and the bees. And so the seed was sown, and in Fred's mind the idea blossomed. 


From this simple beginning they embarked, forever preserving and with pots boiling in a busy kitchen. Jams and chutneys, wines, beers and cordials anything they could muster. This was voyage of discovery and before long they had uncovered a world of tastes and flavours beyond their wildest dreams. With enthusiasm they set about experimenting with wild ingredients, researching ancient and modern recipes and honing their cooking methods to perfection. Revealing the wonders of the wild and showing them in all their glory. 

Forgotten harvest

Save the fruit from falling
Stop the ripe from rotting
Rewind the clock and stop going to the shop
Knowledge that recedes we will surely need
With waste and plenty and many belly empty
Let's change the way everything gets thrown away
Help me harvest the bounty that you find
In pub, park or playground
Share with me what you see
And with the Fruits of the Forage
We will reward the
With preserves of the finest delicacy