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Hogweed Curry Chutney Coleslaw

Another super easy recipe this time using our hogweed curry chutney which adds a lovely mild heat to this colourful coleslaw. We’re keeping the vegetables simple in this one sticking to the traditional carrot and cabbage slaw but you could mix it up with whatever vegetables you like!

Homemade coleslaw is so much healthier than supermarket bought, with only a fraction of the fat and sugar content. And besides it’s so easy to make there is really no reason not to make your own!


Half a small red cabbage

One large carrot

Two tablespoons of hogweed curry chutney

Two tablespoons of mayonnaise

Splash of cider vinegar

Half a teaspoon of salt


Remove the outer cabbage leaves and chop the cabbage leaf finely, peel the carrots and grate them.

Add the cabbage and carrot to a bowl mix, add the chutney, mayonnaise, salt and vinegar and mix well and that’s it done!

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