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Yorkshire Organic Millers Whole Dark Rye 1.5kg

Yorkshire Organic Millers Whole Dark Rye 1.5kg

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Stone ground organic Yorkshire wholemeal Rye flour, milled on special modern granite stone mills which retain the nutritional value of the flour, this is highly sought after flour used by many of the best bakeries in the country.

Add upto 1/3 Rye flour into your bread recipe for the distinctive nutty taste of Rye, it will also help increase the shelf life of your bread. Rye flour is also perfect for sourdough starters because of its high protein content which gets sourdough starters going really fast! Use half rye, half white flour the perfect sourdough starter!

Rye bread is packed with magnesium, which helps control blood pressure and optimise heart health. Its high levels of soluble fibre can also reduce cholesterol.